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Live the Ayurvedic way

Ever wondered why you seem to be frequently plagued with so many health niggle which are completely unrelated? If you have, then you may benefit looking toward Ayurveda. A traditional indian medicine system, which has been practised for over 5000 years, may just be able to tell you why your health issue aren't actually as random as you might think, and helps to put you back in control.

Relatively new to the UK - gaining attention from some GP's - Ayurveda translates loosely to 'science of life', and is firm rooted in the belief that we need to be perfectly balanced to be our healthiest selves.

In ayurveda you are aspiring to attain this balance within, through three constitutional types known as the doshas: pitta, vata and kapha. Each one of the three doshas has its own psychological and physical traits linked to the five natural elements.

Known as the airy dosha connected to the air elemets is Vata (air and space). Then fiery pitta relates to fire & water. Followed by a typically down to earth kapha (water and earth).

In the Ayurvedic belief, although we will all carry the three doshas, one of the doshas will tend to dominate us, and stress can cause this dominant dosha to spiral out of control, affecting our health.

To balance the doshas, Ayurveda looks at three pillars of wellbeing, food (and nutrition),sleep and brahmacharya (which is self regulation via yoga, meditation and self awareness).

You have to try to avoid processed foods entirely and over-eating, which is something so very easy to do in this over-indulgent age, where lines between 'living your best life' are blurred with 'living your healthiest life'. For the best metabolism, Ayurvedic doctors recommend just two meals a day, unless you are vata and need to eat more often, in which case this is four small meals a day.

All three doshas are balanced by getting enough sleep and self love. This means loving your authentic self, your inner being rather than the role playing facade you show to others.

In our next blog post we will discuss how to recognise your dominant dosha to help balance your physical and psychological equilibrium.

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