Dual Protection Tiger Eye, Hematite & Obsidian Necklace

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    A stunning 50cm long Handcrafted unisex energy necklace. These stones are heavyweights in combating negative energies. Collectively, these stones will protect and enforce! Two powerful protection stones combined in this beautiful powerful necklace.

    TIGERS EYE Enhances your emotional stability, giving you increased energy levels to repel negative influence or judgement from others. It enforces the fact that opinions are subjective and helps to make you immune from the influence or judgment of others. It’s also considered a stone of luck and prosperity. Used as a support stone, Tigers Eye will promote determination to overcome fear.

    HEMATITE Drawing in negative energy and thrusting it back as positive is what gives Hematite it's place in this necklace. While the other stones block energies, this one allows some bad vibes to be received, acting as a catalyst for positivity. It works with the root chakra to ensure negative energy is transformed into positive vibrations. It purifies stress and keeps you emotionally and spiritually safe. A grounding stone working with your Root Chakra.

    These powerful stones that will support you in feeling light, motivated, and centered amidst any chaos and negativity in your surrounding.

    Since the necklace is made from natural stones, the colors may vary slightly from stone to stone, making each one utterly unique.


    8mm Stones on a 50cm Handmade Necklace