Spikey Peanut Massage Ball
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    rehabilitation home work out

    Spikey Peanut Massage Ball is a versatile self massage tool perfect for the full body. The uniquely designed ‘peanut’ shape allows a targeted and effective massage- particularly around the spine and hard to reach areas. It is very popular in the treatment of painful foot and heel conditions. Compact, lightweight and portable.

    It’s size and shape allows the user to apply deep pressure into the muscles and fascia, increasing blood flow and promoting tissue healing. It works to massage the muscles, relieve tension and increase flexibility.

    Spikey Peanut Massage Ball is also commonly used by athletes after a workout to aid muscle recovery and improve overall performance. Long term use can help reduce the build up of scar tissue and aid injury prevention.

    Use your body weight against the Spikey Massage Ball and apply pressure to a tight muscle or trigger point. You may do this on the ground, on a table or against a wall. By using pressure and specific movements you can encourage the Spiky Ball to really target those deep trouble-spots and also encourage your muscles to relax.

    Comes with strong spikes and a high density premium plastic that will last over time and won't buckle under your body weight.

  • Product Code: VSAXSPMB-488