Rose Latte
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    Dietary Specific Information

    Vegan | Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Sugar Free | Paleo | Non GMO | Caffeine Free | Halal | Kosher | Keto Diet Friendly | Diabetic Friendly

    Product Benefits & Key Points

    Adaptogenic. Unlike coffee, which is highly acidic, these nutritional lattes contain only alkalizing ingredients. Moreover, the ingredients in these nutritional lattes may assist in stabilizing metabolism. Those ingredients also help deliver many essential nutrients and antioxidants for health. We use a rich coconut milk powder for the base to create a completely dairy-free and vegan latte with 100% natural whole food ingredients derived from plants. They are free from artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives, sugar and GMO ingredients. A beverage with a nutritious kick! 100% Natural & 100% plant based, using some of the most potent ingredients on Earth.

    Ingredients & Product Composition

    Maca, Coconut milk powder, ashwagandha, Rose petals, Lucuma, Rose oil, cinnamon, cardamom, green leaf stevia.

    Product Information:

    Short Date OFFER [Exp: Dec 2022]

    For the days you need some extra lovin'. Full of ground down Rose petals which contain polyphenols, antioxidants that work to protect your body from cell damage.

    A delightfully fragrant Rose latte with underlying notes of maca & lucuma, sure to arouse your senses and warm your heart.

    The magic combination of whole ground rose petals and adaptogenic ashwagandha makes for a lovely, beautiful, sweet and ever so romantic affair.

    Enjoy as a latte or a tea: It’s delightfully sweet & delicate & also contains 3 incredible adaptogens ~ Maca, Lucuma & Ashwagandha to keep your body on an even keel!

    Combining creamy coconut with relaxing rose, this Rose Latte is a fragrant delight for the senses.

    With sweet rose petals and rose oil to the slightly spiced creamy blend, and a sprinkling in adaptogenic ashwagandha for a calming latte, you’ll fall head over heels instantly.

    Enjoy a cup any time of day and revel in the soothing sweetness. 

    Love the feeling of a hot drink before bed or with breakfast? Our Nutritional Latte range is a great way to enjoy your favourite drink, without any guilt!

    That's right... Every flavour has been specially crafted to include delicious goodness and none of the nasties.

    Drink one, two, three or even four a day without any negative impacts! Perfect iced as well as hot. Ideal for kids!
    If you're looking to live longer, stronger, happier and healthier, remember that our Nutritional Lattes can be used in everything 🍨

    For example, imagine you're craving something sweet, like ice cream. You can mix our flavoured latte mixes over some sugar-free and dairy-free ice cream for a much healthier alternative 🙌🏻

    In the same way, you can mix our nutritional lattes with some plant-based yoghurt or mayonnaise to create a unique flavour sensation.

    With our lattes at your asset, eating healthier is so much easier ✨
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