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We all know that rain ponchos will never feature in Milan’s Fashion Week, but let’s be honest, nobody looks good in a downpour and nobody likes arriving at their next destination dripping wet, only to find that every last piece of underwear inside your backpack has turned into a soggy lump.

Generally speaking, they’re much lighter than a rain jacket, pack up smaller, cover both you and your gear, and they’ve come a long way from the overpriced bin bags which our mothers forced us to wear on water rides at amusement parks.

  • Large enough to cover the upper body to the knees our lightweight ponchos are durable and waterproof. A perfect eco-friendly fit for all your outdoor adventures, be it a hiking trip, a festival or a visit to a theme park.

    • ECO-FRIENDLY & REUSABLE : Made of 100% EVA material, enviroment friendly, no smell and harmless. Reusable for a long time. Non-toxic EVA, solid and durable. It is reusable, the only thing you need to do is fold and pack it for next rainy day.
    • Innovative Designs of The Hood & Sleeves with elasticated cuffs, a drawstring hood and popper button closure, this waterproof and windproof protection ensures you can enjoy all your adventures with absolute peace of mind.
    • Each poncho folded and put in the plastic bag individually. You can take it in your handbag or even in your pocket. Whether you are camping, hiking in the wild, or walking on the way home. You will be astounded how good it feels to slide your plastic rain mac in your pocket. The rain poncho is 20cm X 25cm folded up,each one is only 141g (0.31lb), can easy put it in your bag and backpack,and not take much your suitcase.
    • PERFECT FITS MOST: Suitable for height 4.9 - 6.2 foot. Only one size but fits all! These waterproof ponchos are large enough to keep even the tallest person dry. 115cm X 70cm fully extended Suitable for height 160cm-190cm.
    • ENJOY OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES : This emergency raincoat is perfect for any outdoors activities, like Disneyland, theme parks, shows, walking, fishing, hiking, camping, water rides etc. In our research, these rain ponchos are able to be used more 100 times! They can easily be dried and folded back up to be used again and again!

    Rain ponchos have a longer and looser fit, covering the head to the mid-thighs or knees, whereas raincoats usually fit the body and finish at the hips so there’s no extra space for a backpack and no protection for your legs. Another key difference is that a rain poncho has a simpler design and fewer seams which means there’s less opportunity for water to leak through. The fabric is normally a single layer of light-weight plastic which is extremely waterproof and windproof compared to a standard rain jacket which is much heavier due to the fabric and inner lining.

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