Matcha Manuka Honey 250g

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  • Matcha Manuka Honey 250g

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    Dietary Specific Information

    Halal, Kosher. Pesticide Free. Organic Matcha. Adaptogenic.

    Product Benefits & Key Points

    Raw, Pot set, Prebiotic, Low GI, Pesticide free, Cold extracted, Anti-microbial, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant rich, Adaptogenic

    Ingredients & Product Composition

    Leatherwood honey, Manuka honey, organic matcha green tea, coconut milk powder

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    Product Information:

    This cold extracted, 100% Australian Manuka & Leatherwood, Matcha honey blend is from the heart of the Tasmanian Tarkine wilderness, an area known for its ancient forests and the world’s cleanest air & water.

    We took two amazing products and combined them to bring you this unique, delicious and nutritious creamed honey infusion.

    Real honey is difficult to come by and not regularly found in chain supermarkets. Even rarer is discovering honey from a Zero pollution site, (who knew that was even possible)

    Ideal as a spread, a drink (just add 1tspn to hot water) added to smoothie bowls or a topping for whatever your heart desires.

    Combining the health qualities of honey with our Matcha recipe, our Matcha Honey is filled with anti-inflammatories, which can help cleanse your body.
    Better yet, when applied to the skin as a face mask, it can help heal blemishes, redness and acne scars!


    Enjoy it by the spoonful, add to hot water to enjoy as a pick-me-up drink, melt it & drizzle over pancakes, add to your Nutritional Lattes, smoothies, breakfast bowls or use as a dip/ spread for toast, crackers, even vegetable sticks.

    Our Adaptogenic Matcha Honey works to build your body's resistance to stress, boosts Brain function, is super high in antioxidants & antibacterial properties so you can feel great every day!

    Not to mention, it is deliciously creamy and irresistible

    Just pour a cup of your favourite anti-inflammatory Nutritional Latte, slather some sourdough with an Adaptogenic Honey and watch the day go by.
    This brunch includes all the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories you need to feel your best; even long after eating. Enjoy it on a Saturday or Sunday morning to replenish and rejuvenate.

    Adaptogens are plants that support our bodies when dealing with any type of stress.  

    When consumed, they are known to decrease our sensitivity to stress and can help you to feel more relaxed, even when your day, work-life or home life may get stressful. They do this by targeting your endocannabinoid system to promote homeostasis throughout your entire body. 

    Our Nutritional Lattes and Adaptogenic Honey use adaptogenic ingredients to promote optimal wellbeing and are known to help you feel great. 


    halal product    kosher certified    cleanse and detox support    natural antioxidant    energy & vitality    gluten-free    weight management    dairy free    organic    immune support    kids health    mental health

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