Matcha & Cacao Latte
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    Dietary Specific Information

    Organic | Vegan | Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Sugar Free | Paleo | Non GMO | Halal | Kosher | Keto Diet Friendly | Diabetic Friendly

    Product Benefits & Key Points

    Anti-Inflammatory. Antioxidant. Alkalising. 100 gm | Makes 40 cups! Unlike coffee, which is highly acidic, these nutritional lattes contain only alkalizing ingredients. Moreover, the ingredients in these nutritional lattes may assist in stabilizing metabolism. Those ingredients also help deliver many essential nutrients and antioxidants for health. We use a rich coconut milk powder for the base to create a completely dairy-free and vegan latte with 100% natural whole food ingredients derived from plants. They are free from artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives, sugar and GMO ingredients. A beverage with a nutritious kick! 100% Natural & 100% plant based, using some of the most potent ingredients on Earth.

    Ingredients & Product Composition

    Organic Matcha Green Tea (48%), Cacao (24%), Coconut Milk Powder, Sweetener (Green Leaf Stevia)

    Product Information:

    When you need a break from your crazy busy life, reach for Matcha + Cacao Latte. Both matcha green tea and cacao are bursting with antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals that promote vitality while nourishing your mind and body.

    This creamy blend is full of all the things your body needs to reset while leaving out all the things you don’t want like sugar, dairy, gluten and preservatives.

    This delicious drink offers more antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits than other forms of chocolate drinks. It has a subtlely sweet flavor that gives your body a gentle nudge in the morning.

    Perfectly smooth, this luscious blend of 100% organic matcha with cacao creates a gentle, delicious fusion of flavour to soothe your soul.

    This winning combination of 2 antioxidant rich ingredients is perfect enjoyed any time of the day. With matcha to awaken the mind & cacao to soothe the soul, it is an immensely satisfying drink. Perfect on chia puddings & pancakes.

    Pairs superbly with either oat or coconut milk, hand whisked to a frothy smooth finish, for a cozy night in, or afternoon treat.

    Delicious iced as well as hot & perfect on pancakes. Why not add a spoon of Turmeric Manuka Honey for a sumptuous touch?

    Add to ice cream, pancakes, raw cakes and smoothies.

    100g = 40 Cups!

    How to use: Enjoy Matcha + Cacao Latte whisked into hot water or plant-based milk or get creative and sprinkle it onto your morning oats or chia pudding.

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