Incense Brick Burner with Incense Bricks
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    Dietary Specific Information

    Naturally infused floral scents

    Product Benefits & Key Points

    Calming, Grounding, Aroma

    Ingredients & Product Composition

    Naturally Infused extracts

    Product Information:

    Gorgeous aroma's from these incense bricks infused with natural sage extracts, and therapeutic grade essential oils will deepen relaxation, cleanse and radiate positive energy throughout your home.

    When burned, it diffuses a deep, earthy, sweet and inspiring scent that is perfect for relaxation, grounding & protection.

    Place this low-smoke, non-toxic brick on the copper plate of our custom exotic burner and lighting a tea light candle below it. There is a clean fragrance released as the incense does not burn, but is operated by heating and emits a very rich and deep aroma which can scent a room upto 400 square foot in size! Each incense brick has a burn time of 3.5 hours.

    All of our ingredients are ethically sourced and our products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. We support sustainable agricultural and manufacturing practices, invest in recyclable packaging, and are consciously mindful of our actions. As a values-driven business, we’re committed to building an eco-conscious future for perfumery, and set an example, that will inspire brands to embrace sustainable practices.

    1 Copper Burner & 18 incense bricks provided.

    PLEASE NOTE: Extended handling time applies to this product. Usually ships within 7 days.

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