Grip Strength Trainer - 5 Piece Workout Kit

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    Unlike other grip exercisers, this has a mechanical counter on the bottom handle, automotically recording the number of times you exercise - up to 99 then reset back to 00. Manually reset the number by pushing the little spinner up and turning clockwise to rotate and reset.
    Variable resistance setting, just screw the knob to adjust spring tension for forearm excersises, from 5 to 60kg resistance, our hand strengthener is perfect not only for muscle memory and stroke recovery / rehabilitation, but also for athletes, musicians, climbers, golfers and tennis players with different grip strength levels.
    Equipped with adjustable forearm strengthener, finger exerciser, finger stretcher resistance band, hand grip ring and hand therapy ball, the 5 piece hand grip strengthener set targets different hand muscle groups, improves finger and hand strength and dexterity for better performance.
    Helping with daily exercise of hand muscles this strengthener will leave you feeling a noticeable improvement of your hand, post wrist injuries, arthritis, carpal tunnels, tendonitis, fractures, wrist fractures and tendon surgery etc.
    Ergonomically designed with a comfy handle this grip exerciser strengthener fits all hand sizes and is easy to grip. It comes in a "velvet" storage bag, that you can take and use anywhere, while watching TV, driving to work, working in office or anywhere.