Tourmaline Energy Necklace

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    Tourmaline is one of the greatest stones to have when it comes to protecting your energy. It’s not only a protector but a great pick me up when you’re low, and wearing it can prevent you from being low on energy in the first place!

    It provides EMF protection, shielding you subtly from the harm of our ever growing technological devices on a day to day basis to ensure you don’t feel as drained when working all day at the computer or on the phone.

    It’s known to have camping properties when you’re worked up, gently soothing your tensions.

    Gently cleansing the spirit of negativity and empowering you to release bad habits to prevent further energy drainage.

    Tourmaline brings balance to all situations and inspires you to do things that make you feel good. Connect with your inner self and free all spiritual blockages.

    Look after your energy with this multi-colour Tourmaline necklace. As the necklace is natural stone and completely unique, the colours may vary from those in the image but we assure you to be absolutely stunning in finish.


    Stone size: 0.2-0.4in (4mm-9mm)

    Length: 20in (50cm)

    Weight: 1oz (30g)