Enchanting Love Ritual Oil
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    Dietary Specific Information

    Vegan, Halal, Natural, Organic - To the pregnant Mamma's out there - while our essential oil blends are diluted and for external use only, it's always a good idea to consult with your doctor before using them. For external use, keep out of reach of children and *pets. Should any irritation occur, stop use and wash with soap and water.
    *Essential oils can be extremely toxic to pets

    Product Benefits & Key Points

    Love, romance & intimacy enhancer

    Ingredients & Product Composition

    Roses, cloves, hibiscus, jasmine flower, lavender, mica, essential oil & grapeseed oil

    Product Information:

    Attract love in your life and make your aura magnetic to being appreciated by others. Perfect solution for forming new romances or intensifying the intimacy of your current relationship. A powerful and beautifully aromatic magical oil for all works and endeavors related to love, vitality, and passion.

    You will be able to see the organic ingredients clearly in the blend, including roses! Roses have the highest energetic vibration of any flower, therefore are amazing healers in love. Being in contact with them or wearing the oil will literally raise your vibration.

    We are all mirrors, karmically displaying what we think and feel which we ultimately attract. Use this oil every day to attract soul love and self-love. 

    How To Use: When using this particular oil, visualise love abundantly and use your inate loving energy to work with this magic. Always use with intent and believe 100%. 

    • Apply to palms and rub on arms in an upward motion.
    • Use to anoint the heart chakra, wrists and neck.
    • Use with candle magic for those that practice.
    • Use before a bath for a relaxing form of intention setting and manifestation.
    • Place on the body as an attraction oil.
    • Use during meditation.

    Dominant Scent: Lavender

    All oils are made with natural flowers, herbs, crystals & essential oils, that were Reiki charged on the Full Moon for added healing power. Hand Poured Fresh Blend into 1oz Glass Bottles.

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