Elephant Bohemian Necklace

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Spiritually inspired & infused with Reiki energy for good karma & fortune. For mind, body and spirit.

  • Elephants are wondrous creatures that symbolize pure beauty, strength and wisdom not only in Buddhism, but in many religions and cultures around the world.
  • There is an ancient adage that says you're supposed to keep an elephant near your door to keep out bad luck and bring good luck to everyone who lives there. The elephant is generally considered a symbol of good luck and the animal is a symbol of good fortune.
  • Elephant jewelry is commonly believed to bring luck to the person who is wearing it and makes a great gift for wishing someone luck with something. Wearing jewelry with elephant details is also a great reminder to stay strong but calm and keep the peace even though you know your own power.
  • Elephant jewelry celebrates these lovable creatures and brings good luck to all.

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