Clear Mouth Lip Reader Face Mask

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Across the UK, at least 11 million people have some level of deafness.  Each and every one of these individuals might now find life harder due to the use of masks and other facial coverings.

And it is not just people with deafness who will be struggling: the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists has highlighted the potential impact of masks on others with communication challenge, including people with aphasia, autism, with dementia or with learning disability. Also working with young children, who often need to see facial expressions.

The clear panel solution

A clear panel constructed into the mask, or a full transparent face shield, makes it possible to see the mouth or the full face.  This can be a significant benefit.

This is one of the first lip-reading face masks to become widely available in the UK and across the globe.  It is made in different sizes to fit different faces.