Arabic 'Allah' Pendant

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    The long-awaited Allah Necklace has arrived. What better statement piece to wear than that with Allah's name as a reminder? As you know Allah is a religious symbol and is very important for all Muslims. Like cross for Christians, Star of David for Jews, The Star, and crescent for Islam is used by most Islamic countries.

    A choice of Gold or Silver plated beautiful Allah pendants

        Stunning and delicate arabic calligraphy text

            Modern and also classic design sure to turn heads and add a stunning touch to your faith and fashion together.

            There are many benefits to wearing jewelry with the of Allah it helps the wearer from thinking and doing bad things. Also, it gives strength to the wearer in difficult times where they may need divine guidance from Allah or just protection from a family or other issues in their personal life. Allah Jewelry also helps them express their faith so over time it becomes a part of their identity. That makes Allah Jewelry essential accessories for Muslims in the day to day life. Muslims also gift Allah jewelry such as necklaces and rings as gifts for him or her.

              *Please note: This item is pendant only, without chain.

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