Protective Case for AirPods Pro
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    An AirPods case is the most effective way to keep your AirPods charging case from cosmetic damage.

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    Synthetic materials

    Product Information:

    Luxury Snake Leather Feel Protective Case for AirPods Pro with Carry Clip and Charging Ports

    EAN: 7427042710958

  • Your shiny white AirPod Charging Case might be beautiful when it first arrives, but by the time it’s embarked on a handful of trips to the bottom of your bag, it can start to look scuffed and worn. An AirPods case is the most effective way to keep your AirPods charging case from cosmetic damage.
  • With the carabiner-style clip, our case allows you to take your AirPods from the office to the wild. Attach it to a hiking bag to keep a little bit of comfort while “roughing it.” Place it on your belt when out doing odd jobs. Combined with the protective qualities of the case, your AirPods can now work hard and play hard with you.
  • It’s not just the case itself that needs protection from accidental damage, you principally want to ensure that no harm comes to the AirPods inside. Although Apple’s charging case is designed to house the earbuds when they’re not in use, it doesn’t offer adequate protection against the kind of major impacts which can cause extensive damage to the AirPods themselves.
  • Whether you’ve just bought a brand-new pair of AirPods or you’ve had your earbuds for a while, the right time to purchase a case cover for them was yesterday. No odor, stylish and easy to apply, this small and light case will have all your friends talking.
  • In an ideal world, you wouldn’t drop your AirPods at all, and a case can help with that too. Attractive though the white AirPods Charging Case may be, it’s undeniably slippery and it’s all too easy for your case to slide straight out of your hand. Made from PU leather, our AirPods cases offer a rugged, textured finish, helping you keep a firm grip on your tech.

  • This is compatible with AirPods Pro Charging Case

    We have the best protective case designed with premium quality materials to provide the necessary protection to the case.

    Are you looking for the best Airpods Pro case? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Those who are worried about their brand new AirPods Pro, they should surely look for the best way to protect the case from scratches, bumps, drops, and scuffs.


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