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We're re-branding!

You may notice our brand is looking a little different these days?

We've always said our customers deserve clear, concise and beneficial information as well as messaging, that is relevant to them, as well as a defined product offering and purpose. Well that is the driving force behind our decision to rebrand.

We will slowly be implementing the change, which means that for a while at least you may receive packaging with our old logo, there is nothing wrong with the products if you do. We just hate waste and wouldnt dream of creating unneccesary waste by binning hundreds of products because we want a new look, besides, it's not like you dont know us!

We're hoping to have the rebrand complete by the end of the year at the latest, because we know no one likes mixed messages (surely you’re not into that?!) and we know that our new branding and logo will give customers better clarity, better focus and an even greater service.

The task in the upcoming months will be to update all our collaterals, uniforms, business cards, leaflets, catalogues, etc with the new logo. We realize that changing a logo is a process that can involve many steps and take some time, so we will finalize it gradually.

With our brand refresh, we hope to inspire our colleagues and customers and give them something to be deeply proud of being associated with. If there is one lesson we can all learn from the Covid-19 pandemic is that, if we want to overcome humanity’s biggest issues, we need to come together, and in no way does a rebrand mean we are dropping any of our social commitments, philanthropy & CSR Plans.

Behind the new look, we are still the same company and team, dedicated to providing you the best possible products and customer service.

We’re incredibly proud of the global charitable work that we do at Vita Sharks and are thankful for the employees, the partnerships, and customers that have accompanied us in our growth.

We owe this rebrand to all of you.

Thank you.

Founder, Vita Sharks.


What's staying the same?

Pretty much everthing, including our name.

Whats Changing?

Our logo. The way we look & present ourselves. The branding. With a rebrand comes a new visual identity. We will have a new distinctive logo and brand in place which you will begin to see across our social media channels, emails, direct mail, and website. We like to compare it to going from a smart casual look, to a smart, crisp and clean suit. Just freshening up...

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