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Cacao, the original Dark Chocolate

Delicious and nutrient rich. Dark chocolate is super high in antioxidants and one of the greatest mood-boosting foods. Milk chocolate and white chocolate varieties that you typically see on the supermarket shelves, however, are very high in added sugar, fats and nasties, making them detrimental to your health and void of nutrients.

Dark chocolate contains a high percentage of cacao which is known to reduce blood pressure, inflammation and the risk of diabetes. When consumed regularly, this can help your body to feel great while boosting your dopamine, endorphin and serotonin levels. 

The ultimate indulgence is consuming raw cacao which contains eight times the antioxidant levels of spinach.

You'll find our Jomeis Cacao Latte packed with 80% Caca & no added sugar, a great nutritional chocolate drink substitute. A delicious chocolatey brew with hints of vanilla and Himalayan pink salt.

Just like a hot chocolate, only better for you as it contains all the goodness of pure unadulterated cacao beans. Cacao is known for its high antioxidant profile and ability to enhance ones mood. Perfect iced as well as hot and ideal for kids.

It is Vegan and completely gluten-free, the only other ingredients are Coconut milk powder, Himalayan pink salt, Green leaf stevia (100% natural herbal plant extract).  Making it great for those with strict dietary requirements or diabetes who are looking for a sweet treat.

Our Nutritional Lattes and Adaptogenic Honey use adaptogenic ingredients to promote optimal wellbeing and are known to help you feel great. 

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